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AR3.0: Let Someone Augment Your Reality

AR3.0: Let Someone Augment Your Reality from sean lee on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality 3.0: See Eye to Eye (The scope of an alternative web-based SOA platform for reducing brand clutter)

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The Importance of Brand Innovation and Business?

For a fast and easy way to gain insights in this particular field, I recommend 2 books written by Marty Neumeier. “The Brand Gap” and “ZAG” both are some of the best books on brand reviewed by many Fortune 500 company executives and industry experts. Also listed as one of “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”; the best part is… I quote from the book ” I know your time is valuable, so my first goal is to give you a book you can read on a brief plane ride. My second and more important goal is to give you the insight, process, and courage to build a high performance brand.” – Marty Neumeier

If you are familiar with the concept of brand, then maybe this casual post will start relating to you in a few simple ways.

As you are probably starting to realize… ¬†we are living in a brandscape of excessive clutter, permeating our everyday through various forms … communicating to us even when we do not want to. This creates a negative cycle for brands in many respects. For a long time now, many companies spend millions of marketing dollars on ineffective advertising, while end up with only headaches to try and figure out what really worked and didn’t worked…. resulting in the birth of viral marketing. So what’s the real benefit? through engaging in friendlier conversation in social networks, businesses can eventually obtain what’s called “mind-share” from a series of interactions with real people… building trusting relationships through suggestion and feedbacks, then onto the next stage which is ultimately “wallet-share”. Such a marketing technique is better known as “double-loop” marketing and is even more commonly applied to personal branding. That being said, if we look at an innovative company like Google, which evolved into one of the top brands in the world… There is a similar connection to the strategy. Google has created a sustaining cycle of such marketing model by releasing numerous, amazingly efficient “free” apps. Constantly gaining user groups which grows exponentially over the years, launching more and more apps… taking over the internet business slowly… now eventually in advertising as well with Google Adsense. However Google doesn’t just stop there, they have launched a new phone which will soon have the capacity to compete against the Augmented Reality industry just by its sheer amount of world’s information already in the company’s database + the brand loyalty created from its users. Needless to say, if Google starts following each individual consumer everywhere, creating entry points for its brand and its existing advertising capabilities. It will only grow to dominate more of the market share feeding on other businesses, AND with its existing user base which constant feeds back into the system… At the end of the day, this will only generate more power for Google to rein Dominance each time it completes the brand cycle within itself.

Still thinking about innovation and exploring a new market with Augmented Reality? Why not try to assess the two previous keynotes posted on this blog with more attention to detail about “Brands”? What if … service driven brands of tomorrow starts living like people in a phone list and are available to communicate with you only when you want to… would you consider that invasive or acceptable? How about the possibility for Augmented Reality to turn into a B2B platform to reduce existing brand clutter? What if the deployment of a different service strategy even reduces corporate office spaces as workers gradually take mobile platforms (communicate through company cloud integrating enterprise 2.0) ?

I would like to hear your feedbacks regarding these casual thoughts through email

P.S. for an introductory summary on brands please read the new post under the branding section to the right side of this column.

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